Test 2 to 8 Hormones

SALIVARY HORMONE TESTING - Accurate, Reliable, and Fast  Labrix, is dedicated to offering the highest quality testing available for salivary hormones. You can trust Labrix to deliver results that are accurate, reliable, and fast.  
  Labrix offers:  

  FDA-approved saliva testing
  Highly accurate results based on four daily samples instead of one 
  Highly sensitive and specific testing that is raising the industry standard
  User friendly sampling that requires only 2-3 minutes to collect
California State and New York State health law prohibits the testing of specimens collected or mailed from California without a written order from a physician authorized to prescribe in California (MDs, DCs, NDs and DOs). If you are located in California, please include an order from your physician along with your specimen sample. If you do not have a California physician, please contact us for a referral.  

                             Estrogens (Estradiol)                                                                                                                                          
Estrogen Deficiency                                Estrogen Excess
____ Hot flashes                                       ____ Mood Swings (PMS)
____ Night sweats                                   ____ Tender breasts
____ Vaginal dryness                                ____ Water retention
____ Foggy thinking                                 ____ Nervous
____ Memory lapses                                 ____ Irritable
____ Incontinence                                     ____ Anxious
____ Tearful                                             ____ Fibrocystic breasts
____ Depressed                                       ____ Uterine Fibroids
____ Sleep disturbances                           ____ Weight gain in hips
____ Heart palpitation                               ____ Bleeding changes
____ Bone loss                                        ____ Headaches

Cortisol Deficiency                          Cortisol Excess
____ Fatigue                                    ____ Sleep disturbances       
____ Sugar Craving                           ____ Bone loss                         ____ Allergies                                  ____ Fatigue
____ Chemical sensitivity                  ____ Loss of muscle mass
____ Stress                                      ____ Thinning Skin
____ Cold body temperature               ____ Weight gain in waist
____ Heart palpitations               
____ Aches/pains                
____ Arthritis              

"Working Wonders for Women"

Wholesale/Private Label /Quantity
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Comprensive Hormone Panel (8 Test)                        sku# CHP8    (E2, Pg, T, D, AM/Noon/Evening/PM Cortisol)                   $275.00

Short Comprehensive Panel (6 Test)                          sku#SCHP6
(E2, Pg, T, D,  AM/PM Cortisol )                                        $220.00

Basic Hormone Panel (5 Test)                                     sku#BHP5
(E2, Pg, T, D, AM Cortisol )                                              $185.00

Adrenal Fumction Panel ( 5Test)                                 sku#AFP5
(AM/Noon/Evening/PM Cortisol and DHEA)                     $185.00 

3 Hormone Test (Any Three)                                       sku3HT

2 HORMONE TEST                                                     Ssu#2HP
(E2, Pg)                                                                           $100.00
For help determining which test you need please call us at 800-742-4773
Symptoms List
The following score sheet will help you to determine whether hormone testing is needed and which tests to order.  Each category is divided into hormone deficiency and excess as each has a different subset of symptoms.  Score the symptoms which apply to you as 0 (none), 1(mild), 2 (moderate), or 3 (severe).  A score of 10 or higher in any one category (deficiency and excess combined) is probably worthwhile to test.


Progesterone Deficiency                                                    
____ Hot flashes                                       ____Heart palpitation
____ Night sweats                                     ____Bone loss
____ Vaginal dryness                              
____ Foggy thinking                                  Progesterone Excess
____ Memory lapses                                 ___ Sleepiness                 
___ Incontinence                                      ____ Breast swelling tenderness
___ Tearful                                              ____ Decreased libido 
___ Depressed                                        ____ Mild Depression
____ Sleep disturbances                          ____ Candida infections
Androgens (DHEA and Testosterone)

Androgen Deficiency       
____ Low libido                                 ____ Bone loss
____ Vaginal dryness                        ____ Decreased muscle mass  
____ Foggy thinking                          ____ Thinning skin
____ Fatigue       
____ Aches/pains                              Androgen Excess
____ Memory lapses                         ____ Excessive facial/body hair
____ Incontinence                             ____ Loss of scalp hair
____ Depressed                                ____ Increased acne
____ Sleep disturbances                    ____ Oily skin

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